December 18, 2019
HERGEN Tissue Machine being assembled in Poland
December 11, 2019
HERGEN installs two water cutting machines
January 17, 2020

With the aim of improving paper quality of paper and expanding the product portfolio, Trópicos Comercial e Industrial Ltda, based in Guarapuava, Paraná, has just closed a deal with Hergen for full modernization of its Paper Machine 3

With this project, Trópicos will be able to supply top rate products, reaching a new level in the market

What will be supplied

iNOVAFLOW Hydraulic Headbox

SMART HCF-920 Crescent Former

Yankee Grooved Cylinder

Press Ø 1050 mm

Tail Threading System

Modernization of the Reel

Trópicos/Hergen Partnership

Hergen is very pleased to partner with Trópicos in this project, which is certain to be a great success and will further augment the company’s position in the Tissue market