Shoe Press


Fully automated allowing easy and safe operation.

Conventional solid counter roll resulting in a low-cost design and reduced maintenance requirements.

Auxiliary systems designed for minimum and low cost maintenance requirements.

Compact design allows easy installation in existing machines.


Increases production.

Reduces steam consumption.

Improves sheet quality (physical tests).

More uniform moisture profile.

Loading system

Designed with multiple in-line hydraulic pistons contributing to a more uniform moisture profile.


Combining high nip load and long nip shoe the result achieves a much higher press impulse than a conventional nip roll press.

This higher press impulse achieved by SMART SHOE Press along with its progressive pressure curve allows superior dewatering with no damage to the paper web.

Design parameters Press Roll Shoe Press
Nip width (mm) 40 - 70 250 - 280
Operating pressure (kN/m) 150 - 450 1000 - 1300
Press Impulse (psi.s) 2 - 5 10 - 21

Technical data

Technical data
Ø Shoe Press diameter: 1.250 mm
Ø Counter Roll diameter 1.200 mm
Nip width: 280 mm
Linear nip load - max: up to 1.300 kN/m
Paper width - max: up to 5.000 mm